Interview with Abruption(Scotland,UK)

Interview with Abruption (Scotland,UK)

Formed in early 2006 by Bard e.i.d.n Grey ,Abruption is preparing for some serious mindcrushing BM,in a shape of a full-length and some split albums with Somnium & Triskele.
Hails Bard.First...thanks for the oppurtunity to interview you.

Hails, thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

Tell us abit more about Abruption at the beginning of the stage when it was formed and who were involved in it.And what decidet you to play Black Metal in the first place.

Abruption was formed in January 2006, the only person involved is myself. I think what made me want to play Black Metal was love of the music & the connection I feel with Black Metal. I had tried to get my band previous to Abruption to play Black Metal but with little success (it turned out a kind of Black Thrash which I didn't mind) so when that fell through & Abruption started for me Black Metal was the only way to go.

When was it you decidet the guitar was the best instrument that would suit you,and ever tryed other instruments before guitars.Is it a hard challenge to think of an ówn' sound for Abruption?Or do you do just your own things.

I actually started out as a bass player then I started playing piano/keyboards, drums then guitar & done some experimenting with violin. I wouldn't say I really have a instrument that suits me best because I don't really spend more time on one over another, though the instrument I'm most passionate about would be the bass or drums.The sound of Abruption basically is the sound of me, the music flows from myself & my inner world if you will so it comes quite naturally.

I noticed eventhrough your main influences come from the early nineties BM scene,You're also are influenced by the The Cure (First era).Eventhrough it isnt hard to be noticed in your songs.(There are acoustic guitars and a piano that can be heard in some of the tracks)
Can we expect some experimenting with your way of writing songs in the near future?Or maybe in a side-project?

I don't think there will be any major experimentation with Abruption, in a way I see Abruption as an experimental project but there are limits with Abruption. I am in the process of planning some more experimental side projects that will feature elements that are unsuitable for Abruption, some not even metal at all. The projects may not see the light of day for quite some time as it's a bit hectic here right now.

Are there maybe any plans to put other kinds of instruments in use for the songs?Besides a keyboard/piano?

Apart from bring a wider range of keyboard sounds I have been thinking about having some more strings (violin etc) for the ambient parts on the full length but I will need to buy a new violin haha. I don't think I'll bring anymore instruments into Abruption after that.

Besides you.Are there any other musicians currently involved in the band?And do we maybe know them from other bands as well.Are you active yourself in other bands as well?And which one(s)?

At the moment I am still the only member of Abruption though I would like to play live someday with this project so more members will be needed. Indeed I am involved in quite a few bands (sometimes too many) the currently active ones are Kill Yourself & Vex. There are other projects I'm in that to be honest I don't know whats happening with them.


There are some great songs on your Myspace playlist,even a Mayhem cover 'Funeral Fog'.I honestly must say it isnt most orginal track(With 'Freezing Moon' as exception) to cover.Why this choice?Any particular reason for it?Or do you just find this the best track on 'The Mysteriis..'album.
Can we expect the cover back on one of the Abruption album as well in the future?

Funeral Fog has always been one of my favourite Mayhem songs. Deads vocals on the 'Live In Leipzig' version of the song blew me away (as did all of his vocals). It's such a great song, it captures the Black Metal essence for me better than any other track, it is totaly pure. Covering it was something I had wanted to do for many years.The version on the myspace will be featured on the split album with Triskele.

Can you enlighten us with a bit of explaining of the lyrics in your songs.What are the main subject in writing them.What is/are the first thing(s) what gets you inspired mostly.Do you do everything yourselves?Or do you let other musicians also getting involved writing the music.

The lyrics are about Devil Worship but not in a traditional sense, it's very much my own ideas & belief of Lucifer & also topics of Depression, Suicide, The Afterlife & various mental disorders, 90% of the time relating to myself, the rest are stories of a kind. I write everything myself as I see Abruption as totally my own so the music & lyrics should belong to me if you will.

While i was checking the tracks out on,it appeared to me the lots of diversity in the songs.Which of course is more than positive.
How long does it take for you to write the music,and are you a perfectionist coming to finish them?

Thank you. Yes I am a pefectionist so it takes quite a long time to do anything especially something musical. Everything must be perfect to me before I put it out into the world but at the same time I'm constantly thinking of new ideas for old songs after they've been unleashed so I'm never 100% happy with a track, though at the time of finishing that particular version of a song I would have been 100% pleased with it. I usualy find myself re-recording one song many times & there are a few versions that will never be heard.

Do you already have some material released with Abruption?Besides any split releases,a demo for example?Where were they recorded and released?

Is there a possibility for readers to still get a copy?

There were two demos both were self-released in November & December of 2006, unfortunately they are now sold out. I have been talking with the rest of Hellspell about re-releasing them sometime in the future, nothing is confirmed yet though so they may be available but not for a while.

I totally respect the sound in the music.Its raw,unpolished brutality really brings me back to the good old days.Will there be alot of changing with the sound once recording it for the debut?(Personally most bands cut of the rough edges to make it that smooth that whole the idea what was there at the beginning just vanishes in thin air.Cause they intent loosing control over it,or simply want a commercial sound.)

Apart from that I think the drums are too quiet on some of the tracks up on myspace there will be no cleaning up the sound. My intention with the production sound for Abruption is for the old school Necro atmospheric sounding approach. Too many bands nowadays forsake the Necro quality to bring them to a greater audience that probably wouldn't listen to Black Metal in it's natural form of nastyness. Me, I like it old school!! I make the music of Abruption for myself & Necro is what I like & I also feel that with a more polished sound alot of atmospheare is lost & the atmosphere is a big part of the music of Abruption for me, if other people like the music it's an added bonus really. I am very glad you like it's unpolished Necroness.

You're signed to Hellspell Productions.Where do they hail from,and which other bands have been releasing their material on Hellspell as well.Will the debut also be released on the same label?

Hellspell is also from Scotland. I help out running the label. We're on a bit of a hiatus at the moment due to lack of money to release records but we hope to be back in full swing soon so the full length will be going out through Hellspell. Ritualmord & Zebadiah Crowe have released with us.

Ever played live with Abruption,or are there any plans to do so?And with who would the live line-up exist out.

Abruption has not played live. There was talk of a live line up & I had people in mind but the idea never really came to life. Hopefully I will revive the idea sometime in the future.

You recently also have a website
Can you tell us abit more about the new site,and what will be featured on it?

It is still very much under construction so there isn't alot to say but it has more detalied info than that will be found on the myspace page, updates, there is a discography page with full track lists featured, links to various other bands & organisations & a photo gallery that I'm still putting together.

Just out of curiousity.I am not that familiar with the BM scene in Scotland.can you tell the readers abit more about the scene overthere,and which other bands they should check out as well.

The Black Metal Movement here is getting stronger, it's not as great as it could be but it looks like there are good times ahead for Black Metal in Scotland. We have some great bands such as Triskele (and any other band of Lecfric's), Somnium, Lacrimoso, Daemonolith & some upcoming bands that will be worth checking out when their material is released like Astral Skurg, Threadony & Infernal Scion.

Allright!Thanks alot for this interview Bard,and hope the readers enjoy it.The same it was putting the interview together.Al the best for you and Abruption,and hope the debut will hit the earth with destruction in sight!

Final last words are for you...

I would like to give a great thanks to you once more for taking the time to talk with me & your kind words on Abruption. All the best to you too!


Hellspell Productions